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On the 19th of November a panel comprised of Professor Kevin Jon Heller, Shanti Sattler, Dr Mark Ellis, Dr Lutz Oette, and Dr Dan Plesch discussed the International Criminal Court (ICC) in relation to new evidence of national war crime trials held after World War II. This new evidence was discussed in the context of complementary justice, torture, and the prosecution of sexual crimes and low-level criminals. Professor Heller served as Human Rights Watch’s external legal adviser on the trial of Saddam Hussein and currently teaches Criminal Law at SOAS, University of London.

On the 11th of November, Jack Blum gave a lecture about the challenges of Corporate Accountability and Limited Liability (CALL) in a globalised world. He discusses it in the context of state kleptocracy and personal responsibilities. Fraud and corruption run through the economy, hidden in technology and off-shore locations. The question posed is "How can we make companies and governments more accountable?".

HGT Radio 158. ‘Taking Charge’ of the airwaves to coin the name of the first track from the excellent Horseman album . One hour of global, tropical, psychedelic, funky, vintage, electronic and upfront music for your listening pleasure.

Episode 1 - Introduction

This episode is an introduction to Gugak - Korean traditional music. Through this episode I will be going over various genres of Gugak music giving listeners a taste of what Korean traditional music is about.


DJ, promoter & journalist extraordinaire Jamie Renton is MADERA's guest today talking about his upcoming Soulclectica night and playing some tunes currently floating his boat. Aside from the usual tried & tested tropical dance floor bangers, no less than three exclusives and ‪#‎oldschoolawsomeness‬ from early Global Glitch pioneers JON HASSELL, BRIAN ENO & DAVID BYRNE. Chaud...

Join Sheila Divine and Tallulah Magoo in the first episode of their show called Whirldfuzzz!

For the next two hours, they bring you an adventure of fuzz, psych, punk, noise and rock'n'roll from all around the world. Join us while we jam out to some our favourite tracks found on the road less travelled...

Iain King, Senior Government Advisor at the Department for International Development (DfiD), visited SOAS on October 22nd 2014 to speak about lessons learned - and not learned - from overseas deployments. King provides an insight in 10 political, strategic and cultural lessons learned from a variety of experiences overseas, along with 10 reasons why these lessons fail to be adopted.

From legends of Studio One in Jamaica to ambassadors of musical freedom from Tehran, this years World of Music and Dance was as eclectic and vibrant as ever. SOAS Radio took a brief tour around WOMAD, and was fortunate enough to hear a rich tapestry of stories and tales from the festival goers and many of the performers. For more information on any of the artists interviewed or played on the podcast please see the track listing below...

Today we have further explorations to Poland, Bangkok, Colombia, Congo, Brazil, South Africa Cuba and more. Vintage to bangers it’s all in the mix.


Sallamaleikum! Its an Arabic Special today with London world music promoter extraordinaire LAURE ENCHANTED TUNES in the studio talking about her big MOSAIQUES FESTIVAL coming up. We top and tail with Arabic music currently tickling our toes in the sand. Rock the Casbah!

DJ Ritu in the mix for this AWIL, featuring excellent new CDs from across the globe by Taraf De Haidouks, Da Lata, and many more!

Movimientos: DJ Dolores special

Following the UK release of Banda Sonora - his soundtracks for films compilation - the legendary Brazilian producer and one of the lynchpins of the new music scene in Recife DJ Dolores joins Cal Jader for some chat and to play some exclusive new tracks from his various projects. Elsewhere there's a track from the new Criolo album, more from Goma Laca and DJ Tudo.

This week we invited Guillermo Rozenthuler along to the studio to give us some context about the concert he will be leading on the the 10th November in SOAS’s Brunei Gallery.

In it we learn something of the music from Uruguay, Latin-America’s ‘unknown gem’, and how the Afro-carnival tradition and rhythm of Candombé spread from Montevideo to influence the music of the Rioplatenses. We hear from Guillermo’s own band as well as some of the leading figures of folkloric, funk, jazz, tango, beat and pop that incorporated the Candombé into their music.

For the second show of the Fossil Free SOAS ‘Divestment Digest’, we meet with representatives from Fossil Free UCL and Kings College to talk about the need to unite campus activists for fossil fuel divestment.

Swedish polskas meet Scottish reels, and more! - Live Recording of Världens Band at the Soas Concert Series - Monday 20th October.