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SOAS's own personal anime class is back in session with the new academic year! And we start the year with a few questions: do animation studios make remakes because they’re out of good ideas? Or does this all just boil down to profits? These are the questions with which we approach this week’s class on remakes. From anime series, to movies to games, Anthea, Kash and Rice cover a wide range of remakes past, present and future aided by Eran, co-prez of both SOAS Anime and Gaming Societies, who joins in as the visiting expert on the panel. So, it's time to find out, to remake or not to remake?

Exciting young producer NaamLess, showcases his debut EP, The Heights, on AWIL/CC 130 - Featuring the cream of new Brit-Asian talent! Plus fresh global releases from world music giants Omara Portuondo, Tony Allen, Clannad, Amira Medunjanin, & Brian Eno! http://soasradio.org/content/awil-130 15/10/14
A World In London with Cultural Co-operation live on Wednesdays, 4pm, from SOAS Radio: mixlr.com/soasradio Online at iTunes/SOAS Radio website https://www.facebook.com/DjRitu Twitter:@djritu1 www.djritu.com

Featuring new Brazilian music from Lucas Santtana, Russo Passapusso, Karina Buhr on a new project Goma Laca and more from the Chico Correa EP available for download on the Movimientos website. Elsewhere there's Cuban broken beats from London producer Rukaiya Russell, Afro-latin funk from LA's Jungle Fire, electro Norteño from Nortec Collective, Cumbia from Cuban singer La Dame Blanche, champeta from Colombia Bleepolar and Faraón Bantú, and Africa meets Cuba vibes with Ricardo Lemvo. And revival sounds from Fania Records legend Ray Baretto and Argentina's Federico Aubele.

Ramayana: The Living Legend sees distinguished storyteller Dr Vayu Naidu share the magical epic that lies behind Diwali, the Hindu festival of light, which will be marked by more than 1 billion Hindus, Sikhs and Jains on Thursday October 23rd.

Today we reach out to Mexico, Abyssinia, Montreaux, JA, UK, Nigeria, Peru Argentina and New Zealand. Not bad for one hours with of musical globetrotting.

Uber cool global tunes & DJ Ritu in the mix on AWIL/CC 129 8/10/14


Anyone familiar with the back building at SOAS will know what I am talking about ... the lift is the equivalent of the last train at night on a rural line, overloaded and leisurely stopping at every station...and as the radio station is on the top floor, it is genuinely to blame for the show being late to air. Anyway, plenty of new global glitch freshness as usual and some particular awesome old school-ness ... and we are definitely using the stairs next week.

Esoteric and left is the only way to describe today’s show. From Sun Ra to Colombian/latin electronica from the Meridan Brothers plus a bit of new Brazilian psych, Thai folkloric trance, Peruvian funk finishing up and coming back down to earth with nu soul music rom Alison Crocket and Wha Wha 45s.

Fresh and awesome a‘cappella trio YANTRA, live at AWIL! Hear their debut album, A Journey Through Timelessness, an ultimate and unique blending of musical traditions from Bulgaria, the UK and India, through the stunning voices of Eugenia Georgieva, Jeremy Birchall, & Vamshi Krishna Vishnu-Das.


In the second show of series five, MADERA swerves his self imposed electronically processed world music diet, and slips in some more traditional full fat selections direct from the supplier. Own bag provided.

Another Movimientos edition with plenty of fresh latin beats from across the board Afro-Venezuelan sounds to Peruvian psych, Salsa Dura, Latin House, future Mexican Norteño, Digital Cumbia and Brazilian Bass. With new music from Mexico's Nortec Collective and LA's Jungle Fire from Nacional Records, plus a great track from the new Chancha Via Circuito album, Ruben Blades goes Tango and new Aurelio Martinez on Real World Records.

Wake up for the return of SOAS Radio. After a long summer break we are broadcasting again live every Wednesday afternoon. HGT radio bangs it out from 5-6pm and this week it is a proper funky affair with plenty of new music from all quarters from Peru to Bahai, Thailand, UK, Ghana and beyond.

Non-stop global beats after a long summer break!

On September 26th 2014, the SOAS Students’ Union hosted its first public lecture of the year, in collaboration with the London Middle East Institute and the Centre for Gender Studies, SOAS. The event featured 3 speakers who specialise in the Middle East, and addressed the topics of ISIS, and the recent crisis in the Middle East.


On the learned advise from a huge team of top international lawyers, the show formerly known as STOP MAKING SENSE is no more (sad face).

But fear not, the presenter and content stays exactly the the same (happy face).

Back from the beach with sand between his toes and a big bag of new tunes, MADERA VERDE returns with more global glitch business (winky face).