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Hackney Globe Trotter

In his weekly show on SOAS Radio, Russ Jones plays a world beat mix up, covering everything from Cumbia to Soukous, gypsy , latin hip hop, reggaeton, dubstep, raverton, afro beats, vintage classics and beyond.

Spring is in the air and it is Carnival season. Today's show has the normal global mix-up plus a little Brazilian carnival celebration from new to old, folkloric to hip-hop.

Journeys into the stratosphere with new music from Gregory Porter, Sharon Jones, Geoff Gilson, DJ Izem and vintage music from Haiti, Brazil, Angola to Yuseef Lateef and beyond.

World Radio Day, all female selection special. World Radio Day this year is focusing on the empowerment of Women and gender equality through the medium of radio. So what better reason can there be to celebrate women in recorded music.

HGT back with new tracks for the new year!

Cal Jader & Russ Jones join forces for an epic 2 hour end of year throw down of some of the best tunes, albums and gigs in 2013 from future tropical sounds to dancehall, dub, funk, soul, proto afro-disco and of course plenty of cumbiaaaaaaa!!!

Global criss-crossing from the extremes of Somalian funk to U.S native indian beats. New jungle from Congo Natty, Mombhaton from ISA GT to far-out jazz from Sons Of Kemet.

Diversity all the way from pro to electronic afro funk with William Onyeabor to vintage r 'n' b from the new Juke Box jam comp to new chicha jams, balkan bangers, new Brazilian tropicalia from Mais Um Disocs new signing Amabis and a whole lot more.

Very special guest for show 137. Shantel playing and chatting about tracks from his new album 'Anarchy and Romance.'

Funked up music covering all styles and all corners. Gospel to gypsy, jungle and cumbia to brass bands and more

Bangers to the ethereal via dub, reggae, soul, latin champeta and bomba whilst traversing all parts of the globe on the way.

HGT Radio returns after an extended summer break. Plenty of new music out of the african continent plus new and reissues from Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Jamaica.

DJ Russ Jones' final show before SOAS Radio breaks for August. Your usual dose of dub, reggae, latin, hip-hop, groove and bangers, enjoy!

HGT Radio show 133

Tropical all the way from the esoteric to the the dancehall, from Spanish reggae to Colombian glitch cumbia. For the second half of the show it is a Vampi Soul special highlighting a few of the great releases on the label.

Tropical! It is hot in London and todays selection is pure fire.

A call to global world music domination - Showcasing the finest of new releases and re-issues and what a treasure trove to choose from. Hi-life to mexican pop with some jazz, dub, forro, afro electronic, gypsy beats and more......

Going live 4-5pm and podcast at and itunes

From old school uk hip hop with the London Posse, classic dub with Fred Locks, new jazz from The Sign of Four and rare as hen teeth african grooves from Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou it is all in the bag for a 1 hour global excursion.

Spring has finally arrived in London and UK and it is time for some music to lift the spirit and spread the tropical vibes. There is new music from Omar, Kobo Town, Super Spanish Combo, reissues from Ebo Taylor, Nico Gomez and trips to Bollywood, Nigeria, Colombia and beyond..

A super big outing of downright global funk taking no prisoners. there are excursions to Brazil, Colombia, israel, Congo, Argentina, USA, Poland, paris and beyond. Mixing up electro bangers to vintage rockers it really is a box full of delights.

Another banging hour of global beats from DJ Russ Jones.

DJ Russ Jones is back with more grooves, this week including the sounds of Bassekou Kouyaté and Los Chinches amongst others. Not to be missed!

From soulful classics to folkloric cumbia valenato with a sprinkling of afro beat, jazz, funk and beyond it is all in the mix.

From the ethereal to the street via Guinea, Colombia, Mexico, UK, NY, Peru and beyond. Funked out, dubbed up, spiritual and dirty. It's a plethora of weird and wonderful musical juxtapositions.

HGT Radio live and podcast via Big and diverse selection today from new jazz, spoken word, classic jazz funk, Rolling Stones covers, cumbia bangers to Russian funk. A truly new to old, east to west and north to south strange but delightful selection.

Bug out funk to tropical, bangers to vintage soul. It's all in the digital crate for show 117. Stopping off in Russia, Buenos Aires, Nigeria, Brazil, Colombia, UK and Australia to name a few.